V60 & Chemex Pour Over Brew Guide

1: Bring kettle to a boil.

2: Weigh coffee using a 1:18 ratio (1 gram of coffee to 18 grams of water).

3:Drop in the filter

4: Rinse the filter with boiled water. Empty water from cup mug or decanter.

5: Place brewer on scale and set to zero.

6: Grind coffee and add to filter. Set scale to zero again.

7: Start timer and pour twice as much water as coffee over grounds. (i.e. 25g coffee, 50g water). Pour slowly clockwise.

8: After a minute, add water in stages (about 70-100g at a time) until you reach the final weight of water.

9: Once the drip stalls to every couple of seconds, your brew is finished. Remove V60 from mug or decanter.