Clever Brewing Guide

1. Place #4 cone filter into the Clever dripper

2. Measure about one ounce/4 heaping tbs (28g) of coffee and grind – we recommend using a grind slightly finer than an auto-drip coffee maker grind

3. Add your ground coffee to the filter

4. Start timer for 3 minutes and immediately pre-wet grinds using enough hot water to fully wet the grinds (about 2 oz/60g). Fresh coffee will foam up (bloom).

5. Allow 20 seconds for the coffee to bloom, and then add remaining water moving in a steady, circular motion until you have added a total of about 14 oz (400g) of water (or, up to about ½” from the top of the brewer).

6. When your 3-minute timer goes off, place the dripper on top of your favorite mug or other vessel to drain the coffee – it should take 70-90 seconds to fully drain Enjoy!